About Us

One Event: Event Management

One Event- At a Glance

One Event is an upcoming event management company formed recently by young and enthusiastic professionals. One Event boasts of a team of professionals who have grown with event industry striving to bring you the best in events.

One Event is committed to provide their clients with only the highest quality, most professional services available in the industry. We specialize in the management, organizing, and producing an array of events ranging from conferences, product launches, Below the Line activities, Special Events, Parties, Road shows etc.

We believes that consistency is the key of success and that’s why we are committed to take care of all your event requirements leaving you to take care of your work at hand.

Core Team

Together our management team has nearly 3 years of experience in selling & organizing of different events. At One Event we know that planning and organizing exhibitions, events and conferences can become an administrative nightmare that can take up a lot of your valuable time and disrupt your schedules. That’s why we take care of everything, from conception to completion, giving you total peace of mind, knowing that your event will be effective, successful and enjoyable.

Our Vision

To become the most prime Event supervision services company for our entrepreneur. customers, participants, employees, vendors, and society and double our value turnover and profits every years.

Our mission mandate is addition magnitude to all that we do. We regularly  instate priority by combining the essence of energy, strategics, creativity and technology to exceed prospect of our clients. Our devolution  to our mission of  Adding value is radical and through our gigantic experience, specialization and keen eye, we optimally achieve the motive of convection the client event and we put strong accentuation on not just hassle free organization of the event, but, obtain the client’s long term final cause from the same.

Core Values

Interjection to Detail:

To create a consolidated, efficient and optimally successful event takes a lot of role. It is our circumspection  eye and keen focus on every minor and major detail which constantly enables us to deliver competence on every parameter.

Exactitude and Response Time:

One Event is Exactitude and Response Time In a critical and people oriented business segment like ours, square intelligence, apt and swift repercussion  to every need and situation are the very summary of success and that’s where our boundless experience gives us great competency.

Simplify Processes:

One Event is Renascence and inclusion of new technologies coupled with our experience leads us to deliver simplified as well as optimum solutions at all times.

Exceed Expectations:

Our proactive entry, doleful understanding of client objectives and cyclopean experience enables us to constantly exceed expectations.

Value People:

One Event company is giving value to people who join us for a regular purpose always helps us instate an extra found of success.